Tech. Theatre


The theatre has a lot more going on than just the actors on stage. they need to be heard, lit, clothed and have a place to be, i.e. set.  They need props and special effects to create the illusion that draws the audience.  Here is just a small selection to help those of you who work in the shadows behind, below and above the stage. Often behind the lime light but rarely in front of it.





Barn Personnel

Introducing Alex "Sparks" Harting, Mr Tís technical  theatre assistant who will be helping out in the Barn.


Hi Iím Alex. You can call me Sparks, check out my web site.

Technical Info

The videos on this web site are avi files encoded using the xvid codec.  this codec and many others can be downloaded and installed from a variety of web sites the K lite codec pack is very useful. The videoLan player is an open source player that will also play almost any video file and is available for at least 19 different operating systems.